Personal data we collect about you

It is not necessary for us to collect every personal detail about you. Our main reason for collecting your personal data is to provide and improve the service, products and experiences that you and our customers expect from us.

Personal data is defined slightly differently across the world. To guarantee your privacy and the protection of your information, we define it as any information that could be used to identify you or another individual.
We collect personal data about you in a number of different ways including:
1. Information you share with us through our website or apps, by email or phone, in person at our stores, stands and events or otherwise.

2. Information from your connected Dyson products – products that are “intelligent” or “smart”, internet enabled or operated through a Dyson app (see the Connected Products page for information specific to your product).

3. Information from your online interactions through cookies and similar tracking technologies (see the Cookie Notice for further information).
4. Information within communications from you (such as emails and live chats) and information about how you have engaged with email communications that we have sent you.

5. Publicly available information from your social media interactions with us or posts about us.

6. Information from our stores, stands and/or events - such as CCTV, film footage and photographs.

7. Information through your smart device’s Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection when you visit our stores - such as your location.

8. Information from third party data providers to whom you have given your permission to share your data.

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  • The personal data that we process about you will mainly fall into one of the following categories:

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    Type Description

    Your name

    Name, email address, delivery address, IP address, cookie ID, order number, information about your device (e.g. ID or IMEI number).

    Order information Product(s) purchased, payment information, delivery records.
    Internet activity Information from online tracking technologies (e.g. cookies that note which areas of our website you spent more time looking at compared to others).
    Geolocation data If you connect to Dyson’s Wi-Fi in one of our stores we will know that your smart device is located within our store at that time.

    Dyson uses Android location services for connectivity to enable the pairing of a Dyson product with the Dyson Link App through Bluetooth or WiFi. Please note that Dyson does not collect any location data as a result of this connection.

    Additionally, our Light Cycle makes use of background location services to :
    • Receive product software updates
    • To synchronise the time on the product with the time on your connected mobile device
    • To load and amend any schedules, preferences and setting changes for your product
    • To maintain the right light profile based upon your light's location

    The Light Cycle's location data is anonymised within Dyson as the location data relates to the product, and not the user.
    Preference data Information about your marketing choices, household, your home and technology, your allergies and interests and what appeals to you most about Dyson (e.g. through your Dyson account or in response to voluntary surveys).

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If you share the details of other people with us (for example, if you have bought a Dyson product for another person or if you register another person for a Dyson app), then you will need to check with that person that they are happy for you to share their personal data with us, and for us to use it in accordance with this privacy notice.

Finally, Dyson's websites, apps and products are not directed at children. Where we knowingly collect and process children’s data, appropriate information about that processing will be provided at the point of collection. Parental, and or legal guardian, consent for this data will be collected at the time of data collection, as and when required.