“Dyson engineers are focused on making hardware and software work together to develop high performing technology which understands the environment it is in and how to improve it. Our machines are increasingly intelligent, but with knowledge comes great responsibility. We are deliberately lean with the data we capture and handle it with great respect. We treat as a priority the protection of your privacy and the protection and secure storage of your data.”

Sir James Dyson

당사 개인정보보호 원칙

개인정보보호 정책은 복잡할 수 있습니다. 당사는 당사의 개인정보보호 정책을 최대한 명확하게 수립하기 위해 노력했으며 Dyson의 고객 정보 취급 방식을 아래의 당사 개인정보보호 원칙에서 요약해 두었습니다.